Oriental Bird Images

Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellus indicus indicus   - Colouraberrant individual
Red-wattled Lapwing
Photographer : © Maumi Sanyal
Location :Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch District, Gujarat, India
Date : 23 January 2018
English synonyms:Red-wattled Plover
Bird Family :Charadriinae - Plovers, Dotterels & Lapwings
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :With a normal coloured individual on the left.
A nice example of plumage affected by the mutation Brown, and bleached further by the (sun)light. - Hein van Grouw

Grouw, Hein van (2006) Not every white bird is an albino: sense and nonsense about colour aberrations in birds. Dutch Birding 28: 7989.
Grouw, Hein van (2013) What colour is that bird? The causes and recognition of common colour aberrations in birds. British Birds 106: 17-29.
Taxonomic Notes :