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Grey-cheeked Bulbul Alophoixus bres tephrogenys   - Adult
Grey-cheeked Bulbul
Photographer : © Choy Wai Mun
Location :Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest, Kedah, Malaysia
Date : 20 December 2014
English synonyms:Melodious Bulbul (bres), Gray-cheeked Bulbul (tephrogenys), Grey-Cheeked Bearded Bulbul (tephrogenys), Gray-Cheeked Bearded Bulbul (tephrogenys), Scrub Bulbul, White-throated Bulbul, Olive White-throated Bulbul, Guttural Bulbul (gutturalis)
Bird Family :Pycnonotidae - Asian Bulbuls, Finchbills & Malia
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :

Note that the form frater is now considered a separate species: Palawan Bulbul Alophoixus (b.) frater.

Oliveros, C.H., & Moyle, R.G.. (2010) Origin and diversification of Philippine bulbuls. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54: 822832.

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