Oriental Bird Images

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White-necked Myna Streptocitta albicollis torquata   - Nesting behaviour
White-necked Myna
Photographer : © David Bishop/David Bishop Bird Tours
Location :at ~700m, on the Palu to Poso Road, northern Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Date : 2 April 2016
English synonyms:Buton Myna, Buton Starling, Celebes Magpie, Celebes Myna, Sulawesi Magpie, Vieillot's Myna
Bird Family :Sturnini - Starlings & Mynas
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :A pair attending a nest high in a dead forest palm in steep sided hill forest. One bird sat on top of the ‘stump’ whilst the other bird flew back and forth from a nearby live palm, stripped off pieces of palm frond, stuffed them deep into the hole and flew out again. - DB
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to Sulawesi, Lembeh, Muna, Butung and the Togian Islands of Indonesia.
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