Oriental Bird Images

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Striated Prinia Prinia crinigera catharia   - Adult in breeding plumage
Striated Prinia
Photographer : © Bikash Kalita
Location :Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, India
Date : 3 May 2015
English synonyms:Brown Hill Prinia, Brown Hill Warbler, Brown Prinia, Hill Prinia
Bird Family :Cisticolidae - Cisticolas, prinias, scrub warblers & allies
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :Saw a large number in a possible breeding ground where birds were busy in carrying nesting materials. They were building their nests amidst the scrub of the grassland very close to the ground. - BK
Taxonomic Notes :Gender agreement follows: David, N. & Gosselin, M. (2002) Gender agreement of avian species names. - Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 122: 14-49. David, N. & Gosselin, M. (2002) The grammatical gender of avian genera. - Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 122: 257-282.
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