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Seram Masked Owl Tyto almae   - Adult
Seram Masked Owl
Photographer : © Michael K Poulsen
Location :Gunung Binaiya, Seram, South Maluku, Indonesia
Date : 10 February 2012
English synonyms:Seram Masked-Owl, Australasian Masked Owl
Bird Family :Tytonidae - Barn Owls, Grass Owls, Masked Owls & Bay Owls
Red Data Status :Unspecified
Remarks :The type specimen of this newly described species. The bird was mist-netted in wet, mossy lower montane forest at an elevation of 1350m.
Taxonomic Notes :Newly described species endemic to Seram in Indonesia.
Jønsson, K. A., Poulsen, M. K., Haryoko, T., Reeve, A. H., Fabre, P-H. (2013) A new species of masked-owl (Aves: Strigiformes: Tytonidae) from Seram, Indonesia. Zootaxa 3635 (1): 051–061
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