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Black-chinned Laughingthrush Trochalopteron cachinnans cachinnans  
Black-chinned Laughingthrush
Photographer : © Aurijit Kar Bhowmik
Location :Kotagiri, Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, India
Date : 15 January 2020
English synonyms:Black-chinned Laughing-thrush, Black-chinned Laughing Thrush, Nilgiri Laughingthrush (cachinnans), Nilgiri Laughing-thrush (cachinnans), Rufous breasted Laughingthrush (cachinnans), Rufous-breasted Laughingthrush (cachinnans), Jerdon's Laughingthrush (jerdoni), Gray breasted Laughingthrush (jerdoni), Gray-breasted Laughingthrush (jerdoni), Gray-breasted Laughing-thrush (jerdoni), Grey breasted Laughingthrush (jerdoni), Grey-breasted Laughing-thrush (jerdoni), White-breasted Laughing Thrush (jerdoni), White-breasted Laughingthrush (jerdoni), White-breasted Laughing-thrush (jerdoni), Coorg White-breasted Laughingthrush (jerdoni), Banasura Chilappan (jerdoni), Nilgiri Chilappan (cachinnans)
Bird Family :Garrulacinae - Laughingthrushes, Liocichlas & Hwameis
Red Data Status :Endangered
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Species endemic to SW India, north of the Palghat Gap.

Two subspecies:
G. c. cachinnans which was previously considered monotypic under the name Nilgiri Laughingthrush.
G. c. jerdoni which was previously considered conspecific with G. (jerdoni) fairbanki and G. (jerdoni) meridionalis under the name Grey-breasted Laughingthrush.
The latter two forms are now treated as subspecies of Kerala Laughingthrush Garrulax fairbanki.

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