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Coal Tit Periparus ater melanolophus  
Coal Tit
Photographer : © Shyam Ghate
Location :Chakrata, Dehradun District, Uttarakhand, India
Date : 28 October 2012
English synonyms:Coal titmouse, Spot-winged Tit (melanolophus)
Bird Family :Paridae - Typical Tits, Sultan Tit, Groundpecker, Yellow-browed Tit
Red Data Status :Least Concern
Remarks :
Taxonomic Notes :Note that the form melanolophus was previously treated as a separate species Spot-winged Tit Parus melanolophus, but has now been shown to be a subspecies of Coal Tit Periparus ater.
Martens, J., D.T. Tietze & Sun Yue‐Hua, (2006) Molecular phylogeny of Parus (Periparus), a Eurasian radiation of tits (Aves: Passeriformes: Paridae). ‒ Zoologische Abhandlungen Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde in Dresden 55: 103‐120.
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