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Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis rodgersi   - Adult
Northern Fulmar
Photographer : © Yann Muzika
Location :off the coast of Iwate, Honshu, Japan
Date : 14 July 2018
English synonyms:Fulmar, Arctic Fulmar, Atlantic Fulmar, Pacific Fulmar, Slender-billed Fulmar, Fulmar Petrel, Pacific Fulmar (rodgersi), Rodgers' Fulmar (rodgersi), Rodgers's Fulmar (rodgersi), Noddy, John Down, Molly Hawk, Mallemuck, Mallemugge, Marbleheader, Mollymoke, Oil Bird, Sea Horse, White Hagdon, Foul Gull, Mallie, Mok
Bird Family :Procellariinae - Fulmars, Petrels, Prions & Shearwaters
Red Data Status :Least Concern
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