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Welcome to Oriental Bird Images

This Database has been created by the Oriental Bird Club (OBC) to bring together photographs of as many bird species from the Oriental Region as possible. We hope this will provide both a useful tool for researchers and a splendid collection of photographs for anyone to browse.

All images in this Database have been provided by the photographers free-of-charge in furtherance of the aims of the OBC. The OBC is very grateful for their contributions. The photographers retain the copyright to their images. If you wish to use these photos for any purpose, you must obtain their permission first. If you have photographs which you are willing to contribute to the OBC Image Database, please email imagemaster@orientalbirdimages.org. Images should be of subspecies which occur in the Oriental Region. (Please note: This is not a permanent archive. Older images may be deleted as better ones become available.) For a list of missing species click here.


29 June 2015: This Database today reached a new milestone with the addition of its 100,000th image - a very fine photo of a Bar-headed Goose by regular contributor Sunil Singhal. The Database now displays photographic images of 99% of all the bird species known from the Oriental Region. The Oriental Bird Club would like to extend its grateful thanks to all the many photographers who have so generously contributed their images to OBI since its inception in 2002.

Corrections: To report an error, please email corrections@orientalbirdimages.org. Before suggesting a misidentification, please make very certain of your facts and give reasons. Please mention species, photographer, date and place. With newly-uploaded images, please allow 24-hours for our in-house checking process.

Why not test your ID skills in our Mystery Bird feature? To view a Random Bird Image from the Database click here. To check the answer and see further images of that species, click on the "Identity" button below the image.

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A beautiful collection of 100983 photographs, 2882 species covered!

Latest New Species Added:
†?Eskimo Curlew by Cephas on 22 June 2015
Montane Racquet-tail by Merlijn van Weerd on 21 June 2015
Seram Thrush by Pierre-Henri Fabre on 17 June 2015
Sichuan Bush Warbler by Per Alström on 05 May 2015
Great Nicobar Crake by Jainy Kuriakose on 02 May 2015
Tablas Drongo by Desmond Allen on 30 April 2015
Mindoro Scops Owl by Rob Hutchinson/Birdtour Asia on 21 April 2015
Bannerman's Shearwater by Kazuto Kawakami on 07 April 2015
Bryan's Shearwater by Kazuto Kawakami on 07 April 2015
Chestnut-breasted Partridge by Gaurav Kataria on 04 April 2015